Track & Trace technologies from Holoprint Security Solutions offer tracking and verification of individual products and items through the whole supply chain process, from the production line to the final point-of-sale.

The process begins with the generation of unique, encrypted serial numbers, barcodes and patterns, which are then printed on holograms and holography labels. The identity of individual items and products can be traced using these unique codes, by linking them to their packaging and container IDs.

Holoprint’s Track & Trace technologies are designed by experts in keeping with international quality standards and latest market trends. These technologies are customizable by specification and quantity to meet the needs of different industries.

With counterfeit products challenging today’s global marketplace, threatening revenue streams, eroding margins, and damaging corporate reputations, Holoprint’s exceptional track and trace technologies offer a uniquely unbeatable method of verify the authenticity of products and fixing vulnerabilities in the supply chain.

The Holoprint Advantage
  • Complete inventory management
  • Numeric/alphanumeric sequential/random numbers and patterns
  • Multiple verification methods like internet, SMS and hand-held terminals
  • Fully secured
  • Highly customisable
  • Application can be deployed centrally or at customer specific location