For various health and monetary reasons, governments across the world impose stringent restrictions and taxes on tobacco and liquor products. This leads unscrupulous entities to work around these laws and taxes by developing imitation and counterfeit products. As a result, tobacco and liquor products are some of the most counterfeited items in the world.

Although such products look similar to their original versions, they are usually of sub-standard quality and harmful to the health of their users. To check the sale of these imitation products, and increase and reclaim their revenues, governments and financial agencies are employing the use of tax & excise stamps with built-in track & trace capabilities.

One such agency is the Revenue Authority of a major Asian country. This Revenue Authority turned to Holoprint Security Solutions to implement a comprehensive track and trace solution for Secure Excise Stamps with online verification capabilities.

Holoprint Security Solutions is one of the largest suppliers of security holograms, tax stamps, holographic films, labels, stickers and allied products in the Middle East. Holoprint’s solutions are recognized as the some of the most powerful anti-counterfeiting tools in the world.

Holoprint Security Solutions was successful in implementing a fool-proof trace-and-track system of the Revenue Authority’s secure excise stamps. The system was capable of providing a fast and easy track traceability of the product and cross-referencing against issuance and utilization of the particular Tax Stamps.

Holoprint’s scope of work with the Revenue Department included the following:

  • The design, development and production of highly secure excise stamps.
  • The design, development, integration, training and maintenance of a tracking and tracing platform to ensure control and monitoring of the secure excise stamps.
  • The supply and maintenance of field-based authentication devices.
  • Installation & training of the entire track & trace application at the Revenue Authority.
  • Onsite/offsite support during the tender period

Holoprint’s services were able to track and trace the entire flow of the products from manufacturer to retailer. Additionally, the information captured in the system was able to assist the Revenue Department in other ways:

  • Data to estimate the tax revenues ahead of consumption.
  • Consumption figures across affected industries/products.
  • Supporting information in initiating legal actions.
  • Supporting data for extrapolation towards economic and/or budgetary planning.

For governments and revenue agencies looking reclaim and increase revenues, it would be wise to check out the remarkable array of highly customizable holographic security solutions offered by Holoprint Security Solutions.