Mineral water companies across the world are struggling with the menace of counterfeit products that are damaging their reputation and finances.

Unscrupulous entities are able to imitate the bottles of the major brands, along with the labels, caps and even shrink sleeves. These bottles are then filled with cheap/unhygienic water and sold alongside the original. Not only is this financially damaging for mineral water companies, it also has a detrimental effect on their brand image and can lead to legal problems. To counter this, companies and brands have started implementing security measures on their products.

Aqua Blue, owned by Purity Life Trading Company is one of the leading mineral water brands in the Middle East and one of the first to adopt this measure. The company operates majorly in the UAE and Jordan and has two manufacturing facilities in Abu Dhabi and Amman.

Aqua Blue has negated its counterfeiting risks by taking advantage of the remarkable security capabilities of Holographic Printed Shrink Sleeves from Holoprint Security Solutions. The brand uses these holographic shrink sleeves as neck sealing on its 5 gallon water bottles.

Holoprint’s holographic shrink sleeves are highly effective tools for preventing the counterfeiting and tempering of editable items, consumable goods and packaging. These shrink sleeves are equipped with covert and overt holographic security features that are realized using advanced printing technologies that make them inimitable.

Holoprint’s holographic shrink sleeves contain a unique holographic strip that provides an immediate evidence of tampering. This exclusive feature makes them a reliable and fool-proof solution against the threat of imitation and duplicity.

Holoprint Security Solutions offers three types of Holographic Shrink Sleeves:

  • Body & neck shrink sleeve with full/partial holography
  • Body & neck shrink sleeve with printing
  • Body & neck shrink sleeve with printing & holography

When used on mineral water bottles, Holoprint’s holographic shrink sleeves not only verify the authenticity of products, they also ensure the availability of pure, hygienic and healthy water for everybody.

For any brand or bottling company looking to safeguard their brands from imitation and damage, it would be wise to check out the remarkable array of highly customizable holographic security solutions offered by Holoprint Security Solutions.