Caps & Sealing Solutions

Holoprint Security Solutions offers an array of powerful and sophisticated cap and sealing solutions with multi-level authentication and security capabilities.

Holoprint produces its unique holographic sealing wads by laminating holographic images over an aluminium foil, which is then further coated with a layer of wax and LDPE to make it waterproof. These can then be used to seal the openings of products with the help of induction sealing machines. The manufacturing process employs quality-tested raw materials and advanced printing technologies to ensure 100% defect-free results.

Thanks to our integrated range of security features and visual appeal, Holoprint’s caps and sealing solutions also contribute to enhancing the overall brand image of the company.

    The Holoprint Advantage
    • Induction sealing holographic/non-holographic wads
    • Multi-coloured printing on holographed & poly/wax sides
    • Registered printing wads
    • Plain wads
    • Mirror transfer and different foil colours
    • Customized wads with lids
    • Pressure sensitive wads
    • Black bottle neck printing (chromo paper/aluminium printing)
    Here is why you need Caps & Sealing Solutions

    Caps & Sealing Solutions from Holoprint helps companies safeguard their products from leakage, contamination, tampering and unauthorized dealing. Further, they enhance the overall brand image of the company.

    • HDPE bottles
    • PET bottles
    • Glass bottles
    • Lubricant industry
    • Plastic bottle industry
    • Non-alcoholic beverage industry
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Food & beverage industry
    Track & Trace

    Track & Trace technologies from Holoprint Security Solutions offer tracking and verification of individual products and items through the whole supply chain process, from the production line to the final point-of-sale.

    The process begins with the generation of unique, encrypted serial numbers, barcodes and patterns, which are then printed on holograms and holography labels. The identity of individual items and products can be traced using these unique codes, by linking them to their packaging and container IDs.

    Holoprint’s Track & Trace technologies are designed by experts in keeping with international quality standards and latest market trends. These technologies are customizable by specification and quantity to meet the needs of different industries.

    With counterfeit products challenging today’s global marketplace, threatening revenue streams, eroding margins, and damaging corporate reputations, Holoprint’s exceptional track and trace technologies offer a uniquely unbeatable method of verify the authenticity of products and fixing vulnerabilities in the supply chain.

    The Holoprint Advantage
    • Complete inventory management
    • Numeric/alphanumeric sequential/random numbers and patterns
    • Multiple verification methods like internet, SMS and hand-held terminals
    • Fully secured
    • Highly customisable
    • Application can be deployed centrally or at customer specific location
    Document Security & Packaging Solutions

    Do away with the menace of document counterfeiting and product tampering with Holoprint’s Document Security & Packaging Solutions.

    Protect sensitive documents like currency, important trade documents, negotiable instruments (cheques, demand drafts), entry tickets, tax stamps, gift cheques, tax forms and academic certificates against counterfeiting menace with Document Security Solutions from Holoprint.

    Give your product the attention it deserves with Holographic Packaging Solutions. Offering a unique proposition of differentiation with product security, Holoprint’s Packaging Solutions adhere to high technical standards that product owners and brand managers demand. Our designers work in tandem to come up with attractive designs that is sure to get the attention of your target group.

    Holoprint supplies fully finished secure documents to governments and corporate users which include the latest technologies in print, paper and optically variable devices (OVD). Our foils and labels can be designed with a traceability feature to be compatible with diverse printing technologies for effective supply chain management.

    The Holoprint Advantage
    • Holographic packaging serves as a unique way of advertising
    • Builds levels of security due to inherent nature of hologram
    • Offers greater impact at point of sale
    • Built in ‘Track and Trace’ feature helps companies get real time consumption data to ensure adequate stocking of products
    Brand Protection & Authentication

    Counterfeiting and forgery are very real threats for any successful brand today. Ensure the authenticity of your product, protect your investments and instill confidence in your consumers with Holoprint’s Brand Security & Authentication solutions.

    Offering a complete suite of tailor-made solutions, our products are used to protect some of the most premium brands in the world. We employ cutting-edge technology to produce our Holographic Security Labels which allows us to provide you with dependable product authentication, anti-counterfeiting and track-and-trace functionalities. Guarantee that your product & packaging are protected from any sort of tampering with Holoprint’s tamper-evident holograms, security seals & shrink sleeves.

    Holoprint’s authentication processes for verifying security and data aspects are done in a series of sophisticated methods with the latest instruments like the following:

    Laser Torch Light

    Magnifying Lens

    Raster Films

    Machine Readable Taggants

    Conductivity Tester

    Barcode Scanner

    Hand Held Terminal

    The Holoprint Advantage
    • Used on product/packaging to provide information to customers like company or brand name/logo, company address, product code/batch no./retail price/manufacturing date etc.
    • Track & Trace capability through serial numbers and random numbers
    • Holograms provide a high level of product security