Holoprint Security Solutions offers an array of powerful and sophisticated cap and sealing solutions with multi-level authentication and security capabilities.

Holoprint produces its unique holographic sealing wads by laminating holographic images over an aluminium foil, which is then further coated with a layer of wax and LDPE to make it waterproof. These can then be used to seal the openings of products with the help of induction sealing machines. The manufacturing process employs quality-tested raw materials and advanced printing technologies to ensure 100% defect-free results.

Thanks to our integrated range of security features and visual appeal, Holoprint’s caps and sealing solutions also contribute to enhancing the overall brand image of the company.

    The Holoprint Advantage
    • Induction sealing holographic/non-holographic wads
    • Multi-coloured printing on holographed & poly/wax sides
    • Registered printing wads
    • Plain wads
    • Mirror transfer and different foil colours
    • Customized wads with lids
    • Pressure sensitive wads
    • Black bottle neck printing (chromo paper/aluminium printing)
    Here is why you need Caps & Sealing Solutions

    Caps & Sealing Solutions from Holoprint helps companies safeguard their products from leakage, contamination, tampering and unauthorized dealing. Further, they enhance the overall brand image of the company.

    • HDPE bottles
    • PET bottles
    • Glass bottles
    • Lubricant industry
    • Plastic bottle industry
    • Non-alcoholic beverage industry
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Food & beverage industry